Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Detroit News wonders why Democrats refuse to be clubbed like baby seals

I will give the Detroit News this: in their editorial in todays paper the Detroit News came at the Fox/CBC debate drama from a different angle than I've been hearing. The argument from the right has been more of a "why wouldn't democrats expose themselves to more voters by going on Fox "News"? It's a chance to get their message out to the masses". And along those lines it's easy to dismiss that argument given Fox's obvious and consistent smear of our candidates.
But the Detroit News goes at it differently"

"It's a natural fit. The Congressional Black Caucus is led by Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and Congressman John Conyers is a founding member of the group. Both of their districts include Detroit. In addition, both of the state's U.S. senators are Democrats as well as the governor and mayor of Detroit.
Surely that kind of clout ought to help convince John Edwards as well as Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to participate. The three presidential hopefuls said this week that they'll boycott the event because it's being hosted by Fox News, which they say has a bias against liberals.
...Would they ban Fox News reporters, or other alleged or confirmed conservatives, from White House press briefings? And how would they handle confrontations with world leaders?"

It tripped me up because i expected the same generic response from these guys. So, kudos to you Detroit News for coming at the debate with a fresh argument instead of peddling the same old bilge. The problem, of course, is still Fox "News". Let me put this in a way that maybe will make some sense to the Detroit News. Would you go to a proctologist to get your dental work done? Especially if you're already scheduled to see the dentist a few times already?

There's absolutely no doubt that Fox "News" is biased. It's been well documented. I think even Republicans behind closed doors will readily admit that there is a serious conservative bias on Fox News, and that a debate of the Democratic candidates held by Fox "News" would only serve to provide glee as they make them damn liburls squirm. It'd be like American Idol, you don't watch for who is good, you watch to see the disasters.

I love how the Detroit News telegraphs the boycotting of the debate into the candidates ability to take heat and answer tough question, which becomes a question of how well they'd handle dealing with world leaders. Nice job. That makes complete sense. If John Edwards doesn't go on Fox "News" to be bludgeoned with wild character assassination, how on earth can he handle foreign policy?

What will the Democratic candidate do once they win the Presidency in 2008 regarding Fox "News"? I'm sure they'll keep Fox "News" in the loop and take their questions. Give them the rope with which to hang themselves so to speak. We all saw how people responded when President Clinton gave it right back to Chris Wallace. Let them ask their dumb questions and respond like an adult to a petulant child.

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